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Research within the Anderson Group focuses on all areas of separation science and sample preparation. We are specifically interested in employing and understanding the role that ionic liquids (ILs), polymeric ionic liquids (PILs), and magnetic ionic liquids (MILs) play in chromatographic separations and sample preparation, particularly microextraction-based techniques. In addition, we develop new synthetic approaches of these compounds for targeted applications within the fields of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. The Anderson Group collaborates with a number of academic research groups in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia. We also work closely with numerous industrial collaborators as we develop separation/sample preparation methodologies that solve challenging industrial problems.

Professor Jared L. Anderson
Office: 1605 Gilman
2415 Osborn Dr
Ames IA
Professor Anderson joined the chemistry faculty in August 2015. Prior to joining ISU, he was a faculty member at The University of Toledo from 2005 through 2015 where he held the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor of chemistry. He earned his B.S. in 2000 from South Dakota State University and his Ph.D. from… see more

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12/2/18 Prof. Anderson has been appointed editor for the Journal of Chromatography A and will assume this new post on January 1, 2019. Click here for press release from Ames Laboratory.

11/30/18 Results from our collaboration with Prof. Brehm-Stecher's group in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at ISU were just published in Analytical Chemistry!

11/12/18 We welcome the following new Ph.D. students to the group: Han Chen (co-advised with Prof. Anand), Nabeel Abbasi, and Philip Eor.

10/25/18 Congratulations to Miranda and Marcelino for both passing their oral preliminary Ph.D. candidacy exams!

10/12/18 Prof. Anderson has been invited to present a plenary lecture at the 4th International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology in Sitges, Spain.

10/2/18 Check out the following recent publications from our group: "Silver-based Polymeric Ionic Liquid Sorbent Coatings for Solid-Phase Microextraction: Materials for the Selective Extraction of Unsaturated Compounds" Analytica Chimica Acta, DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2018.09.051.; "Magnetic Ionic Liquid-enhanced Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification And Its Application to Rapid Visual DNA Analysis," Analytica Chimica Acta, DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2018.09.014.; "Coupling Oligonucleotides Possessing A Poly-Cytosine Tag with Magnetic Ionic Liquids for Sequence-Specific DNA Analysis" Chemical Communications, DOI: 10.1039/C8CC05954C.

10/2/18 Our group welcomes Dr. Arianna Marengo! Dr. Marengo, a trained biologist, is a visiting postdoctoral scholar from the University of Torino in Italy. In our group, she will further her research in using magnetic ionic liquids to isolate nucleic acids from plants.

9/14/2018 We welcome Ester Peris-Garcia to the group! Ester is a visiting Ph.D. student from the group of Profs. Celia García-Alvarez-Coque and María Josê Ruiz-Angel at the University of Valencia in Spain.

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