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Research within the Anderson Group focuses on all areas of separation science and sample preparation. We are specifically interested in employing and understanding the role that ionic liquids (ILs), polymeric ionic liquids (PILs), and magnetic ionic liquids (MILs) play in chromatographic separations and sample preparation, particularly microextraction-based techniques. In addition, we develop new synthetic approaches of these compounds for targeted applications within the fields of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. The Anderson Group collaborates with a number of academic research groups in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia. We also work closely with numerous industrial collaborators as we develop separation/sample preparation methodologies that solve challenging industrial problems.”

Jared L. Anderson

Email: andersoj@iastate.edu
Office: 1605 Gilman
2415 Osborn Dr
Ames IA
Tel: 515-294-8356


Jared L. Anderson, Alice Hudson Professor of Chemistry, joined the chemistry faculty in August 2015 and is also a Faculty Scientist in Ames Laboratory. Prior to joining ISU, he was a faculty member at The University of Toledo from 2005 through 2015 where he held the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor of chemistry. He earned his B.S. in 2000… see more


9/2/20 The Separation Science Program at the U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a 3 year, $2.45 million dollar grant to study the nanoscale ordering of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents. The work will be completed through Ames Laboratory and is a collaboration between the Anderson, Smith, Petrich and Song groups. Click here to learn more about this work and Ames Laboratory.

9/1/20 Congratulations to Miranda, Marcelino, Derek, Shu-An, and Victoria! Their manuscript on nucleic acid analysis methods in Trends in Analytical Chemistry will be featured on the journal’s cover for the September 2020 issue!

9/1/20 Congratulations to Miranda! Her manuscript has been chosen as a “Paper in Forefront” in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry!

6/30/20 Our collaborative work with Prof. Rocha’s group at the University of Aveiro in Portugal has been accepted for publication in Microchemical Journal!

6/18/20 Dr. Anderson presents a talk on two-dimensional chromatography to the global chromatography and mass spectrometry group at ExxonMobil Chemical.

6/9/20 Marcelino’s newest manuscript describing the use of carbodiimide crosslinker chemistry to modify polyacrylate-based sorbent coatings for sequence-selective DNA extraction using solid-phase microextraction has been accepted for publication in Analytical Methods!

6/3/20 As we approach the year anniversary since the release of the National Academies of Science reported titled “A Research Agenda for Transforming Separation Science”, Dr. Anderson has written a Viewpoints article that will appear in the August edition of LCGC Magazine.

6/2/20 Our group welcomes Echo DeVries and Vy Tat to the group for the summer! Echo will enter the Ph.D. program at ISU this fall and obtained her bachelors degree from Clarke University. Vy is currently an undergraduate chemistry major at Concordia University in Moorhead, Minnesota.

5/4/20 Our collaborative work with Prof. Kenessov’s group at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Kazakhstan and Prof. Koziel at ISU has been accepted for publication in Microchemical Journal.

4/29/20 Our group is working on the battle against SARS-CoV-2 by designing and developing consolidated sample preparation and diagnostic assays that can be used at the point-of-care. Stay tuned!

4/29/20 Check out these recently published and accepted papers by the group: 1) Marcelino and Derek’s paper in Analytical Chemistry, (2) Chenghui and Marcelino’s paper in ACS Omega, (3) Miranda’s paper accepted to Analytica Chimica Acta and chosen by the editors to appear as a ‘feature article’ and on the journal’s front cover!

4/28/20 Congratulations to Chenghui and Gabe! They both successfully defended their theses over the past two weeks to earn their Masters degrees in chemistry.

4/28/20 Prof. Anderson has been invited to serve on the editorial board of Talanta Open, a new open access journal created by Elsevier.

4/28/20 Congratulations to Miranda and Qamar! Miranda received the Professor William G. Tong Scholarship in Analytical Chemistry and Qamar received the David N. and Minnie I. Wall Graduate Scholarship awarded by the Department of Chemistry this spring!

4/9/20 Orders have been placed for additional chromatographic instrumentation and a high temperature furnace system for the lab! We will now be able to 3D print and cure ceramic components!

4/5/20 Our newest 3D printer has arrived from B9 Creations! This is our 3rd 3D Printer in the lab and this printer uses digital light projection (DLP) to photo-reactively cure the polymer.

4/5/20 Our entire group attended Pittcon in Chicago in March! Excellent talks were presented by Marcelino, Miranda, Qamar, Chenghui, Han, Philip, and Nabeel!

1/21/20 Professor Anderson has been invited to present an invited talk at HPLC 2020, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the conference!

1/2/20 Our group welcomes Katia Yavir to the group! Katia is a visiting Ph.D. student from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland.

11/27/19 We are adding to our 3D printing capabilities! We anxiously await the delivery of the newest Formlabs Form 3 SLA 3D printer and are excited to exploit FDM and SLA printing capabilities in our research!

11/15/19 Congratulations to Ashley Bowers for the defense of her MS thesis!

11/06/19 We welcome the following new graduate students to the Anderson Group: Victoria Zeger, Shu-An Hsieh, Derek Eitzmann, and Donghyun Ryoo!

10/31/19 Congratulations to Muhammad Qamar Farooq for passing his preliminary exam and advancing to Ph.D. candidacy!

10/29/19 Congratulations to Dr. He Nan for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation. He will begin his new position at AbbVie in January!

10/22/19 Congratulations to Professor Anderson for officially being named the inaugural Alice Hudson Professor of Chemistry!

10/18/19 Professor Anderson accepts an invitation to join the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Analytical Chemistry!

10/11/19 Congratulations to Dr. Anderson for being selected as TOP100 Analytical Scientists in The Power List 2019!!!

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